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EUGH: Prohibition of exploitation in case of insufficient possibility of defense

In the course of the current rulings on data retention, the EU Court of Justice (C-339/20 and C-397/20) has ruled in a further case on a certain handling in France. What appears on the surface to be a pure data retention issue turns out, on closer inspection, to be a potentially landmark decision for the German criminal justice system.

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Criminal proceedings over cryptocurrencies in Germany

The fact that criminal proceedings arise in Germany because of cryptocurrencies has long since ceased to be a peculiarity. Many tax advisors take on the topic and solicit clients – but those who only think with the view of tax law can cost their clients a lot of money. In recent years, as a German criminal defense lawyer, I have regularly acted as a defender in criminal proceedings concerning cryptocurrencies – and can only urge caution.


Bulletproof hosting targeted by international investigators

Cybercrime is changing more and more, not only in terms of the increasingly monetized and professionalized approach, but also in the investigators’ approach: Whereas in the past the focus was on perpetrators and also delimitable perpetrator structures, today, in my view, it is increasingly infrastructures that are the focus.